July 22, 2024
Stand Up Comedian: Danny Bhoy

Stand Up Comedian: Danny Bhoy

Danny Bhoy
Danny Bhoy

Danny Bhoy began stand up in 1998. A year later, he won The Daily Telegraph Open Mic Award, Britain’s biggest competition for comedy newcomers. In 2001, he took his first full length solo show to the Edinburgh Festival, where, within a week, he had sold out his entire three-week run. The following year Danny returned to Edinburgh with a new show which attracted more and more fans, bowled over by his “razor-sharp mind, and quick-witted one liners.” Over the next few years, Danny eschewed the regular comedy club scene in favour of full length shows, which seemed the natural progression for a comic who began to display an innate talent for story-telling on stage.

“Scotland’s Danny Bhoy is impressive. His simple observations are delivered with hilarious punchlines and he creates a remarkable intimacy with his audience. A must-see”.

The Age, Australia

“his routines have the mark of those which are quoted from, for years to come”.

The Herald, UK

Funny clip where Danny explain the difference between a man from Scotland and Ireland, and tells us how people becomes what they eat for breakfast.

Danny explain to us how the Parlament in Australia works. For those who has not been to Australia, it works almost as in England.

More Danny Bhoy videos can be found onDanny Bhoy videos on You Tube.

Links of interestDanny Bhoy’s own website and Danny Bhoy on Wikipedia.

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