April 10, 2024

Tag: Sex

The fates of these people, it concerns you too!

The holiday season has descended upon our little country. In our peaceful slice of the world. Not so far away, the reality is different. There, members of a minority are raped and beheaded, while the world turns its eyes away. Don’t look away...

Sex at Dawn

Sex at Dawn

(BOOK REVIEW) Pattaya is, as anyone’s who’s either visited or lived here for more than five minutes well knows, a place with a reputation for providing pleasures of the flesh, at a price. There are businesspeople in Pattaya who like to pretend this...

Innocent Girl

My Name Lon – You Like Me?

This is a Book Review! This week I was presented with yet another book about life in Thailand, and a side oflife that most of us would publicly shun. Written by Derek Sharron, My Name Lon – You Like Me? (ISBN 974-92721-5-3, publisher Bangkok Book...