July 14, 2024

Jakarta with Monas

Jakarta, the largest city

Indonesia’s capital is located on Java’s north-west coast. From a small trading town, it has grown in less than 100 years to become one of Asia’s largest cities. The official population is around 11 million. Probably the correct...

Komodo varan in Indonesia

The last dinosaurs on Komodo

The fearsome Komodo dragons measure four meters from snout to tail tip, and weigh 150 kilograms. They can smell prey from several kilometers away and the blow from the tail can kill. Since the days of the dinosaurs, the bloodthirsty lizards have...

Barn med dyr

Flora and fauna of Indonesia

The animal and plant life is strongly influenced by the fact that Indonesia lies between the Asian mainland and the Australian continent. The dividing line between these two, the Wallacea line, runs from the east of Borneo in the north and to the...

Nasjonalsang Bali

The national anthem of Indonesia

The national anthem is called Indonesia Raya, which means Strong Indonesia. The song was composed in 1928. The policy of the colonial power at the time when the national anthem was written was to divide and rule. This was a policy which deliberately...

child 2769913 1920

The population of Indonesia

The population of Indonesia is a mix of the indigenous population and those who arrived in the Neolithic period (3000 – 2000 years before Christ). These people came from the Asian mainland. Today, Indonesia is the fourth most populous country...