July 22, 2024
What does the fox say?

What does the fox say?

Ylvis - What does the fox say?
Ylvis - What does the fox say?

In this day and age, viral sensations seem completely random. One day everyone’s watching a Korean man do an odd dance, and the next they’re watching goats singing Taylor Swift. This most recent viral hit might be the weirdest (and best) one ever — let us introduce you to “The Fox.”

Apparently everyone has always wondered about the instinctual noises made by foxes, because when Norwegian brothers Ylvis released “The Fox” on Sept. 3, it instantly became an internet sensation.

Ylvis’ ‘The Fox’ Becomes An Internet Hit
Ylvis, who star on a variety show in Norway, had a very simple, very weird concept for their music video. They sing about the noises of a variety of animals — “dog goes woof, cat goes meow, bird goes tweet,” etc. — only it’s the trippiest version of the childhood toy, See n Say, that has ever been attempted.

Partygoers dance along to the odd song at what looks to be a night rave in the woods, and though the brothers don’t know “what the fox says,” they have some guesses: “Gering-ding-ding-ding-ringerdingering,” “Wa-po-po-po-po-po-pow,” “Hatee-hatee-hatee-ho,” and of course, “Joff-tchoff-tchoffo-tchoffo-tchoff.”

Our favorite guess is definitely the last one, but that’s probably because in the video it’s sung by an elderly man inexplicably reading a young boy a story.

If you’re reading this and you haven’t seen the video, I don’t blame you for thinking I’m writing this on acid, because it’s that weird. But guess what — everybody loves it.

Since the video hit YouTube on Sept. 3, it has close to seven million views and outlets are even calling it “The Song of the Summer.”

We don’t know if we can go that far, but we’re at least thankful that Ylvis has filled us in on the aural attributes of the fox.

Watch this insane (read: amazing) video below and tell us what you think!

(This post is moved from an old blog of mine, the post is originally written in September 2013)

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Sean Kjetil Nordbo
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