June 24, 2024

My Dive-CV

Sean Kjetil Nordbø in Sipadan

I am a IDC Staff Instructor with PADI (Professional Association for Diving Instructors) and a Dive Control Specialist Instructor with SSI (Scuba Schools International). So I can teach scuba diving from beginner level and up to Assistant Instructor level, in addition to most specialities. I am also a Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer with Emergency First Response, so that I can teach First Aid Instructors. In addion I am a Oxygen First Aid Instructor and Harzardous Marine Life Injury Instructor with Divers Alert Network.

My first introduction to scuba diving in warm water was at Phi Phi Islands in Thailand. A couple of minutes after I entered the water for the first time I was hooked on it to such a degree that I knew it was the field I would like to work within at some point. From then things went quite fast and I became a dive instructor, at some point I went back to teach scuba diving at the same place that I did my first introduction to scuba diving in warm water.

Full name                                                                              Sean Kjetil Nordbø
Date of birth                                                                         01 June 1971
Nationality                                                                            Norwegian
Height/Weight                                                                      183 cm / 78 kg
Health                                                                                     Excellent

Dive education
2003 Open Water                                                                  PADI
2003 Advanced Open Water                                               PADI
2003 EFR (first/secondary care)                                         EFR
2003 Rescue Diver                                                                PADI
2005 Divemaster                                                                   PADI
2005 Instructor                                                                     PADI
2005 EFR Instructor                                                             EFR
2005 EFR Care for Childen Instructor                              EFR
2005 PPB Speciality                                                             PADI
2005 Project AWARE Specialist Speciality                      PADI
2005 Project AWARE Coral Reef Speciality                     PADI
2005 Oxygen Provider                                                         DAN
2006 Deep Diver Speciality                                                PADI
2006 Multilevel Diver Speciality                                       PADI
2006 Underwater Naturalist Speciality                            PADI
2006 Night Diver Speciality                                                PADI
2006 Wreck Diver Speciality                                               PADI
2006 Boat Diver Speciality                                                  PADI
2006 Drift Diver Speciality                                                  PADI
2006 Project AWARE Fish ID Speciality                            PADI
2006 Underwater Navigator Speciality                             PADI
2006 Enriched Air Speciality                                               PADI
2006 Master Scuba Diver Trainer                                       PADI
2006 IDC Staff Instructor                                                     PADI
2006 Dive Control Specialist Instructor                            SSI
2007 EFR Instructor Trainer                                                EFR
2007 First Aid for HMLI Instructor                                    DAN
2007 Search And Recover Speciality                                 PADI
2007 Digital U/W Photo Speciality                                    PADI
2007 Oxygen Provider Instructor                                      PADI

Dive employment
2003 – 07               Island Divers, Phi Phi Islands             Instructor
2007 – 07               Bastianos Bunaken, Sulawesi              Dive Resort Manager
2008 –                     Barefoot Scuba, Andaman Islands     Dive resort Director

Dives and certifications
I have more then 4000 logged dives to date in Europe and Asia. This number do not include training dives with students where the main focus has been to practice skills. As I have always worked in very busy dive shops and hold membership with several training agencies, my number of certifications is very high for the period I have been a dive instructor. In total I have issued 1000+ certifications of all levels with PADI, SSI, EFR and DAN.


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