April 12, 2024

Tag: USA

Not For Sale - Child

The Death of Innocence by Will Patching

(BOOK REVIEW) The theme of this fast-paced novel is the murky world of wealthy men who have secret lives as child molesters. For most people the very thought of sexually molesting a male or female child is so repugnant they cannot believe such...

Pink - Mr. President

Dear Mr. President by Pink

I watched a show on Australian televison this week and heard the song, Dear Mr. President, by the artist Pink for the first time. It is a powerful song that ask the current US President some fundemental questions. He will probably never answer them...

Akha Man With Opium Pipe

The Opium Trade in Thailand, 1908 – 1940

In 1908, President Theodore Roosevelt of the United States, concerned about the worldwide trades in narcotics, lobbied the leaders of a number of European and Asian countries to create an International Opium Commission. This forum met in Shanghai...