June 25, 2024

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The man who burned the library in protest

Most people have a breaking point. For some, it is achieved under fairly everyday pressure. For others, it hits hard when the conditions are so cruel that they are almost unbearable. And you shout out to humanity that they must see what is happening...

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Nadia Murad: The UN Security Council must act

Erbil (Kurdistan Region of Iraq): Words are not enough, action is absolutely necessary. That is what the former IS sex slave who survived by escaping and reaching the activist, Nadia Murad, told the UN Security Council on Tuesday 20 December 2016...

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Yazidi is appointed UN Goodwill Ambassador

On Friday 21 September 2016, a young woman from the Yezidi minority was appointed UN Goodwill Ambassador. Nadia Murad Basee Taha was kidnapped from the Iraqi village of Kocho by IS and subjected to human trafficking. The appointment, made by the...


The ongoing genocide in Iraq

Being a minority in Iraq is dangerous. And no minority is more dangerous for it than the Yezidis. Their own records tell of 74 genocides. And you probably haven’t heard of the first 73. Hopefully you’ve heard of the latter. It is ongoing...

Yezidi children

The fates of these people, Yezidi, it concerns you too!

The holiday season has descended upon our little country. In our peaceful slice of the world. Not so far away, the reality is different. There, members of the yezidi-minority are raped and beheaded, while the world turns its eyes away. Don’t...