December 3, 2022

Tag: Bali

The population of Indonesia

The population of Indonesia is a mix of the indigenous population and those who arrived in the Neolithic period (3000 – 2000 years before Christ). These people came from the Asian mainland. Today, Indonesia is the fourth most populous country...



Bali is just east of Java, only separated from Java by the narrow Bali Strait. On the east side is the island of Lombok. Area is 5,623 square kilometers, the island is 145 kilometers long and 80 kilometers wide. The provincial capital is called...


With its large selection of hotels and accommodation in many price ranges, Kuta is undoubtedly Bali's largest tourist area. Originally, Kuta was just a small fishing village, but since the 1970s, tourism has grown enormously here. The Kuta region...

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