April 17, 2024

Tag: Song

The national anthem of Indonesia

The national anthem is called Indonesia Raya, which means Strong Indonesia. The song was composed in 1928. The policy of the colonial power at the time when the national anthem was written was to divide and rule. This was a policy which deliberately...

Pink - Mr. President

Dear Mr. President by Pink

I watched a show on Australian televison this week and heard the song, Dear Mr. President, by the artist Pink for the first time. It is a powerful song that ask the current US President some fundemental questions. He will probably never answer them...

Ylvis - What does the fox say?

What does the fox say?

In this day and age, viral sensations seem completely random. One day everyone’s watching a Korean man do an odd dance, and the next they’re watching goats singing Taylor Swift. This most recent viral hit might be the weirdest (and best) one ever —...